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Vegan Cooking Beginner Course (in English)

Have you ever heard that…
Vegans do not eat meat…
Do not drink milk…
And cannot eat eggs either.
Mustn’t this and musn’t that, NO GO’s and Just a little’s. Full stop.

Yuck. Who on Earth would like to join such a thing?
Do all vegans live such ascetic lives?
OF COURSE NOT! :) Vegan food should rather be described as:

Today is cream soup day, tomorrow is rich stew, then I am having some sauted and caramellised vegetables with veggie loaf dipped in mediterreanean sauce and spicy potatoes then continue with my gorgeous proteinful risotto, enjoying juicy dumplings on my plate, some more pasta, pizza, marvelous sandwiches, roasts, cakes, cookies, beautiful colours, shapes and smells, food is ready in minutes, each day is a different meal for me, I am happy as can be with sunshine in my soul!

Much better, isn’t it so? :)

BUT.  If you just take out all animal products, on a conventional plate not much remains. So, if you want real good vegan meals, you sort of have to relearn how to cook.

The good news is everything is going to be easier and I can assure you that your journey will be full of inspiring moments.

Naturally new vegans have lots of questions such as

  • What will make my food tasty at all?
  • What am I going to eat after all?
  • How can I bake vegan cakes?
  • Where can I buy the ingredients?

how-to-be-a-better-cook-01In this Vegan Cooking Course you will get to know the spices, the how-to’s of preparation, as well as special vegan ingredients and where to buy them.
This is not a lecture so you will have the chance to stir, cut and cook your own food in a team. You will get a great deal of tips and a solid base to start your own vegan cooking at home.


We are going to prepare this wonderful row of courses:

  • Creamy chickpea stew soup
  • Vegetable balls in mediterranean tomato sauce
  • Stir fry vegetables
  • Millet with lentil
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Granny’s sweet bread cake
»»» BONUS «««

In the end on the course you can take home the recipes on handy recipe cards.

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The course is lead by Edith Saluter, food blogger and owner of vegan blog Kertkonyha.

All ingredients are plant based. No meat, no dairy and no eggs and honey are used in this course. Nuts, cane sugar, soy and gluten can be pop up though. If this is a problem for you, please let us know so we can find a solution for you.

All necessary ingredients are provided so there is no need to bring anything with you.
In the end we will also eat the meals we prepared.

Location is a cosy school kitchen of a good atmosphere in Budapest centre, in Szent István krt.
->> See photos of previous cooking courses
Groups are filled quickly. Please book early to assure your place.


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